Time is the Enemy Lyrics

Listen, what's done is done. I knew I should of gave up when I came up. Pushing my luck, back to square one. Nevertheless, I manifest. Head to my desk, I'm wasting time and time has skinned my flesh. As I get older, my thoughts get colder. I would if I could drop this world off my shoulders. Bring the pain and misery for what they sent for me. Extraterrestrial entities. Myself, nothing but a shell of a broken man. The fire grows stronger for you to withstand, so you can say fear guides my wings. I'm just waiting you and whatever change that you might bring. The brave comes out at a hundred degrees, and I can tell you that my grave is waiting for me. I can tell you that my heat is pointing at your face. Bet a million bucks you'll fold like a pussy at the gates. Minutes from the wreckage saying life is wreckless. Praying not to die in this second, but life is breathless. Restless, 'cause the time we share is the enemy. From my enigma to my chaos. It was supposed to be. Another night off, how painful to see the flash. Another one gone, they say angels never last. These worthless nights get the best of me but they have yet to see, me tone it down and breathe. It's an off-beat night. The lights are low. The people talk so fast and still I walk slow (2x) So slow, so slow, so slow (2x) Take me, take me away (2x) Yeah, here we go. It's easy to ease the pain with the power of a coward. No time to explain, just wait to be devoured. Yeah, life is hectic. I'm living to die to see what you got. I'm dying to live to see what you're not. This place we call home is the mystery. So profound and the lie and letdown was meant to be. And once again, these worthless nights get the best of me but they have yet to see, me tone it down and breathe. 'Cause time is the enemy (In the end, as in the beginning, there will be a vast silence, broken by the sound of one person telling a story to another. We all change and make history) Yeah, time is the enemy (and we live within' a parenthesis surrounded by question marks. Don't dispel ignorance as cover. We're all just laced up in our own graves) Yeah, time is the enemy. Time is the enemy (Time is the enemy) I can tell you how much it means to me. I'm still edge (Back to reality) And here we go again, back to square one. I'm back to square one (3x)

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