Sincerely Yours Lyrics

You can paint a picture of what I've done. It's always time for change and to look at my outcomes and when I notice I don't got nothing to go back to. For everyone who put me down. Fuck you. And when I notice when I am hopeless, the diabolic detects dialects darker without focus. Now hold it. I seem to always cast matters aside. My father was greeted by Jesus, but between us, I wish for wings to fly. I was a fetus and I cried. No reason to deny my faith in God, but I've been robbed. No questions why. And I'm still clueless to this day, but I guess everything works out to be fine anyway. How kind of you to take my heart and wear it on your sleeve. Knowing that it hurts. No shirt. No heartbeat. The knowledge that I speak is underneath the gun. Deep like my motto was to blaze all and spare none. You edit the edges and wipe off your X's. Whatever life you live; It's a quick sited sellout quiz. You come and go and you witness. As the masses pierce you with hatred. Their favorite. Nobody business. But I've met the unique sense of feeling weak, and having a spot of acceptance to say you were there for me. And my heart dropped to the floor to hear you gone away. Everyday, missing you more (3x) Jus playing pitiful. You know I have the same old blame. Don't even bother when I'm going farther in this game. Jus coming up, back around like it ain't no thang. Three X's that I paid and expect no change. I watch you rise above the tide. Buried amongst the flames but whose to blame that you died. Let me explain how to maintain thresholds of pain. Decay and just washed away. Everyday (2x) Missing you more.

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