Last Atonement ft. Jamar Brown Lyrics

I want to go back to the better days and experience what's coming my way and I don't mind, everyday, taking my time to sit and pray. And if you must, please, take me where I lay. It's a long day, that I want to just throw away. It's a long week, and I don't get enough sleep. It's a long year, and the past is not what I fear and I know that I don't belong here. But it's okay cause I got no one to blame and I hate to say, please stay. When I know that I'll be alone the next day. I guess I'm always known for always relying on fate. I won't forget to hold my breath when I rise to the top. Always in the deep end, the struggle never stops. There are two estimates of death. It's in: the palm of your hands/center of your chest. Just another day (2x) in the deep end. Forfeit to life used to be my plan b. My last resort when everything was too much for me. When conflicts, troubles, and issues just made my life all bland. Crush it up, finish dead, by my own hand. But that was then, this is now, living for today. Life's hard sometimes, but death won't throw that pain away. Through the struggles and troubles, just hold on to your faith. Live for the day, hold it down, walk straight. Life is living, no one said it's easy. Don't stop. There's better days, please believe me. Uphill struggle, easy road. It's up to you! Yo! No one else knows. Listen, everyone gets in a bind. Things get better, go slow, take your time. It's your life on the line. So just remember, don't give up.

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