Healing in his Wings Lyrics

The devotion in my hands that I try to follow. Hope you understand that my heart is hollow. Even though, you all know there's pain in my heart, frustration on my mind. Too cold to warm up to know that everything will be fine. So I try to avoid the nonsense, that makes me nauseous because my conscience, steadily makes me cautious and it says to give up, but I say hold on. You'll never know what you have until it's gone. So I say, locked away in a cage together. You feel my rage, I'll feel your pain. We'll last forever and when we breathe, we succeed. When you leave, I clip your wings. No more angels. No more sleep for me and I am low, I am cold. Yes, I do want to give up. Here I go, I am told that I'm pushed by bad luck but not true. I love god but I still have issues. That's it. Father, I miss you and if you ask me, I will tell you that I have no story. This life means nothing when you don't give glory. I see no hate. My hands cover my eyes. I SWEAR I HATE THIS WORLD. Please, just let me die. Deceit, despair and the desolations there, but where is knowledge that we all once shared? Forever in this never-ending cycle of hatred, stands. I SWEAR I LOVE THIS WORLD. Please, just give me a hand. Forget yesterday and face now. Is it safe to say I want to see the world go down? They tell me that knowledge is key and only I can open doors to reality We can't do everything possible, though we wish we could, but we all know that fate brought us together, and we know that hate took out the good. Tetra disaster from the father in the forest but who is the master of our chorus? To the songs that we sing from our troublesome hearts. The dirge of the weak will soon set us apart. Free from vanity because the sun blinded us. I got a humble estimate of what this world will soon discuss. Plus, our sentence won't allow us to view our limitations. No love. No relief. No sensation. I turn the volume up when I hear the demons scream (4x) Further down the map, here I go. With a couple of candles to light my way. To whichever way the river flows. No lies against the inevitable truth. Against the wholesome, unpredictable, unreliable youth. So close your patient eyes and your misplaced guilt. Break down walls that your demons have once built. The broken trust is a relativistic concept. Life is like a maze and I'm just wondering if you're lost yet. Don't give up on us.

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