First Sin Lyrics

I'm in an empty shell. Hollow as my eyes when I figured I lost you in the haze Stuck between the world with being amazed and not giving a fuck because I'll make my own way. Hey, why is everything so clear and so slow in a greyscale? I failed because I forgot to realize I'm still living in Hell. Well, it's getting hard to tell. Everything around me is in suits with blank faces and holding scalpels, telling me what to do. I get backfired by sound waves that reflect everything I yell. In the world, in this box, in my hell. The walls of this room is beat me into insanity. I can't breathe. I can't see. I can't do anything. This too is meaningless (2x) With the dawning of this inner light, your journey through darkness will be over. Having this faith is not an imaginary state of grace, devoid of conflict, disappointment or frustration. But learning and loving and mastering this faith, is learning how to transform negative feelings into positive feelings and negative experiences into lessons learned.

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