Fantasies are Loaded Lyrics

What would you do if you had one month to live? You should keep one eye on what dissatisfies you about yourself now, and it is easier to design a satisfying future. What would you do? Would you make decisions on dealing with self-change? Blank minds somehow deranged. No. A shade of too much pressure with ideals that can turn into whip-like demands. Shake hands whenever you can. Suffocate my WILL power, the revolutionary minority in this psyche. To dictate the heavy handed dictators, and have a speech of what I think on the mic. Whatever you like. No. Would you even listen? No (2x) Would you ever listen? No (2x) Provoke repression and let my WON'T power see why I'm so up tight and why I learn from every lesson. Psychological and political growth toward a more harmonious state. Acceptance is mental. Change is gentle, but your love turns into hate. Your fantasies are loaded because they put us in touch with our repressed and unrealized desires. Thus, that's why we dream. Dry decisions flower into creative choice. We demand some kind of response. Individuals voice and background noise. You're blessed, so what? I'm blunt. Suicide of desires in this mess uncovered in trust. You take the wheel? We're all fucked. Frustration immobilizes us. Move from fantasy to decision. WOULD YOU EVEN LISTEN? I said you're everything that makes self disgust. Commit yourself on taking the first step. Alter the world in which you live in and walk to realization, and plan outside of the world of any animation. Would you even listen? No (2x) Would you ever listen? No. Fuck! Your fantasies are loaded (4x) We think we recognize order but then chaos makes it absurd. It seems as if the world is designed to drive us mad and hate is a strong word. But I hate this world. Reality is schizophrenic. Remember my name without a face. If mind is encapsulated in body then how can we travel in time and space? If I had one month to live I would not tell anyone, and pace myself in a such way I can accomplish more, and still have fun. Make every moment meaningful. Arrange for my own cremation. Solitude is beautiful. From self to world, this is a nightmare, but I don't want to wake up.

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