This Failure Lyrics

My place of strength is burning, and hope is slowly hate
My old ways are returning, an end to love's slow learning...too late.

There's no more time...
This failure, cauterized.
Bleed out, stem the tide.
Heart growth, embolized.
Bleed out...

My fault was found in caring, concern was overbearing...I fall.
My response is understating, to keep myself from all.

The optimistic heart. The eager, dawning day.
These failures smooth the road
These failures show the way.

Pursue the sanguine life. Rejoice the empty grave.
These failures tip the scales.
These failures crest the wave.

Trust in afterlives. Believe in much to gain.
These failures still the mind.
These failures numb the pain.

Embrace reality. Reject the masquerade.
This failure has a name, this failure is hope!

Failure is hope!

No more hope...

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