The Memory I've Become Lyrics

My brief pastoral summer was trifled away.
I look back on it now, but the memory is starting to fade.
There was selfish striving, it was all in vain.
Full of hollow desires and trophies I cared to obtain.
This path I chose composed my fate I must obey, now going astray.
The painful embers cool to ash, diminishing haze,
as the memory is starting to fade.

Bitterest side of me, all I revealed.
Pharaohesque pride decreed, all I could feel.

Life was a test, I failed this time.
The memory I've become.
There was no rest, no bell would chime,
For the memory I've become.

My hoard of memories are depleting away.
How I wish to retain, but the memory is starting to fade.
There’s so little remaining, and so little to say.
I burned through a life fueled by the choices I made.
I've forgotten the hour, I've lost count of the days.
Given another chance, I know I would change every moment,
but the memory is starting to fade.

Dissolving identity, fading in time.
Grave anonymity, no bell would chime.

This life of futility, leave it behind.
My future's a memory, burned from my mind.

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