Answer the Summons Lyrics

Blood drawn from the stone.
Flush, vermilion overflow.
Painting dead leaves.
Self summoning.

Return to form, undiluted.
A recognizable figure.
Reclaim the fire, independence.
True face revealed in the mirror.
Release the bonds that constrain me.
Revoke my trust in a treacherous world.

Tears form, melting ice. Sweat, staining glass.
Breath, warms the sky. Mind empties.

Skin, turned to stone. Eyes seek the path.
Lips, smeared with ash. Heart vacates.

Claw to the root, find the words.

Answer the summons!

Learn the source, in the void.

Answer the summons!

Sound the horn, hail the dawn.

Answer the summons!

Be reborn, made anew.

Answer me.

I define every parameter
I bleed the architecture
I craft my true identity
I know from thought to word to deed, “I”.

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