World Today Lyrics

[Sample: President Barack Obama]
My fellow citizen, we are in the midst of crisis, is now well understood
Our nation is at war, against a far reaching network, of violence and hatred
Our economy is badly weakened, by consequence of greed and
Irresponsibility of some

[Trife Diesel:]
Aiyo, the world is in a crisis, bad credit and high oil prices
In a world against terror, they telling me I'm a fight rich
I play the nightshift, gun in my hand with a tight grip
On some hype shit, there's no telling just who I might hit
It's foul, nowadays, kids wilidng, a violent rage
I keep the lights on in the crib, cause at night, my child's afraid
Hypocritical, pitiful, political views
Giving us clues on the news, but we still are confused
George Bush is the biggest fool, he was ducking from shoes
Better watch what you eat, they putting shit in our food
FDA approved medicines, killing off us Americans
Homes in foreclosures, we being kicked out of residence
It's time to represent, for our next to kin
Before our next to kin go back to slaving in Lexington
They Hyde like Jeckyl and laughing and heckling
That's why I blame politicans for all this mess we in

[Sample: President Barack Obama]
Today I say to you that the challenges we face our real
Homes have been lost, jobs shed, businesses shattered
Our healthcare is too costly, our schools fail too many
And each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy
Strengthened our advisaries, and threatened our planet

[Trife Diesel:]
We getting laid off, while Bernie Madoff is getting paid off
And government officials is ripping the state off
People with A1 credit can't afford steak sauce
Fear hikes, military airstrikes, letting they K's off
How can I take a day off when poverty is low
Two car notes, life insurance and policies I owe
Economy is slow, unemployment rates sky rocketing
Politicians bidding for positions out in Washington
Money pocketing, in they pant suits and moccasins
And who's to blame for nearly destroying the stock market
And another black male shot again, police open fire
Blew him in his back, and they left him gasping for oxygen
Medicare is never there, I bled in the chair
When Barack got elected, I cried and shed a tear
'08 was a hella year, young people better beware
Watch the crime in '09, cause I smell it all in the air

[Sample: President Barack Obama]
The state of our economy calls for action, bold and swift
And we will act, not only to create new jobs
But to lay a new foundation for growth
On this day, we come to proclaim an end
To the petty grievances and false promises
The recriminations and warn out dogmas
That for far too long have strangled our politics

[Trife Diesel:]
I'm the brave one like Erica Bane, America's name
Is being tarnished, while honest people is living in carnage
We spend our money on garments, instead of education
We once was the richest nation, now look at our situation
The auto industry begging for a bailout
But who the hell is gonna bail out my brothers outta the jail house
The value of a dollar, nada, white collar criminals
Embezzling tax money from major scholars
Courts litegating, we sit and wait, through all the drama
People still choose to hate over race, look at Obama
The first Black ruler of the free world, we in a recession
Dear God, please bless him, him and his three girls
It's time for a change, look the reign has come
November 4th, we made history, McCain was done
Think twice before you pull out, and name your guns
Let's come together as a whole, and remain as one

[Sample: President Barack Obama]
You know, the challenges that tomorrow will bring
Our the greatest of our lifetime
A new energy to harness, new jobs to be created
New schools to build, the preps to meet, alliances to repair
The road ahead will be long, the climb will be steep
We may not get there in one year, or even in one term
I have never been more hopeful, than I am tonight
That we will get there, I promise you, we as a people
Will get there

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