What Did I Do Wrong Lyrics

[Chorus x4: sample]
What did I do wrong (what did I do wrong?)
What did I do, what did I do (girl you tell me)

[Trife Diesel:]
You know the main reason why a nigga writing this song
Cause lately me and my wifey ain't been getting along
How did I go wrong when I was trynna make things right
Try building a foundation so we can better our life
But you stay wilding, checking my phone, wrecking our home
Throwing digits at the suspicious, disrespecting my throne
Wait for your tone, hiding my keys so I can't leave
And as a woman, you suppose to attend to your man's needs
I think I need room to breathe, some space before I break
And do something that I know I'll regret, like catch a case
Fractions on my face, and you the one that's calling up jake
Said I'm a drug dealer and I carry guns on my waist
I should of left a long time ago, you pimping me, like I'm the hoe
You immature, I think you need more time for your mind to grow
I'm just keeping it real, I'm being honest though
But if you need me, sweetie, you know where you can find me though

[Chorus x4]

Yeah we can save alotta time, if I just told you what you did right
Hmm, let me think, laid pipe, and that's about where it ends
Sorry, so where you want me to begin
Let's start with how you act when you go kick it with your friends
When I go out, you got me under microscopic lens
Let me ask where you been, change topics then
Maybe we should about the problem with your eye
And how it roam when you spot another woman walking by
I know you wasn't looking at her shoes and her purse
So why you turn around, and act confused when I curse
Like I wasn't gonna call you on it, nigga, please
I have a hard time believing that a second look was all you wanted
So don't pretend like you don't know what I'm tripping for
Playing dumb about it, only makes it more difficult
The fact you got an ass don't make my point strong
When the problem all along is that you don't know you wrong
That's what

[Chorus x4]

You been saying you down for me, but I wonder if it's true or not
Lately I've been losing this competition to Stuart Scott
But your attention, is SportsCenter to blame?
Cause even at dinner, you checking for winners of the game
Like dang, I did dress up, I did do hair
I did do it to impress you, and you don't even care
You don't even notice how all of these other men stare
You treat me like you know for sure, that I'm a always be there

[Trife Diesel:]
Aiyo, check it out, first off, you better watch your mouth
Screaming on me, like you a dude, bitch I will knock you out
Who pay the bills in this house, who put food in your mouth
Who taught you how to get money on routes
Me, when you was lonely, I held you down like my homey
Taught you how to throw it back on my lap, riding a pony
I put you on, cause you my queen, I'm your dapper don
Our signs clash together, I'm Cancer and you a Capricorn

[Chorus x4]

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