Wanna Be a Rapper Lyrics

If you wanna be a rapper, here's what you do
Make sure your pen game is right, stay on your P's and Q's
Get your thoughts tightened, study your craft til it's perfected
If you want to be a hip hop artist, that's well respected
Find somebody you can trust with some paper, who will invest to
Hit the studio, and cut a few demos before your record
Learn the business aspects of the game, cause alot of niggas
Get beat for they publishing and jerked for they chains
See I came in the game as a younging without a buzz
Had a lot of street cred but these labels ain't show me love
I had doubt til I hooked up with Toney, he plugged me in
With a few A&R's at the Sony, still in awe
I was still a baby learning to crawl, I remained humble
Stayed on my hustle and didn't fumble the ball
J-Love took notice, I hosted a few tapes
Became the heart of Staten Island which needed a new face
Just a taste, a preview, something I gave the people
I evolved from Da God, now I'm known as Mr. Diesel
I was out in M-I-A when Meth recorded The Prequel
Circle House Studios, when he told me the flow is lethal
That was '03, mid-summer, in '04, I was on tour
Performing in front of crowds with big numbers
Hard as they tried, they couldn't deny the kids hunger
Like Jay to Kanye, Face; he's like my big brother
Ed Lover, said 'Yo, Trife, your style is live'
So I made the power switch, from 97 to 105
I'm the definition of real, peace to the player prize
See you study the game like me, we on the rise
The internet is like the gift and the curse, some is surviving
But other artists searching for deals, niggas is striving
Rappers beefing with rappers, rappers beefing with singers
Niggas stealing lives like they ain't got nothing to think of
And that's probably why Nas said 'hip hop's dead'
You still wanna be a rapper, just think of these words I said

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