Stronger Man Lyrics

[Chorus: Terence Trent D'arby "As Yet Untitled" sample]
Cool September - where the dust hangs high
The flowers weep - beneath my feet
But I'll return a stronger man
No grave shall hold - a stronger man

[Trife Diesel:]
Uh, another day's dawning, I awake to hear my name calling
Get up to open the blinds and see the rain falling
Voices in my head saying Trife be cautious
Be aware of your surroundings and guard your fortress
Keep your worst enemies close and your friends even closer
Watch out for them reptiles, scavangers and them vultures
Who pop up like gophers when you least expect
They catch you off point slipping while you leaving your reast
Yet my conscious is bugging me, trying to bring out the thug in me
My nerves is going bad and my temper's hot as the oven be
My family say I'm bugging, they think a nigga need therarpy
It's hard to maintain when your pockets is long currency
But I'm a strike back and return as a stronger man
Restrategize, and divides me a stronger plan
We came a long way from playing them corners with grams
Putting work in cause we ain't hurting no longer, fam


[Kryme Life:]
Aiyo, we started off small and we came up large
Put it in a jar soft and it came out hard
Oh God, I'm back at it, they got me like an addict
Addicted to the green, the cream and plush fabrics
Much habits, the cabbage, I must have it
Rapping the cracking, remember back when
You could have a kingdom and castle off a capsule
Now all we get is these baggies and an ass full of time
Niggas can't even grind without the hassle
In front the judge, you just hear the crash of the gavel
Cell gates, cellmates, rattles of them shackles
And realize that it ain't no looking back, duke
So I attack boost, the flow masterful
The beat hitting, me spitting, mic God splatter proof
And nigga still get wet through his speakers
The truth in the song be the pro black teaching
We stronger man


[Kryme Life (Trife Diesel):]
Aiyo, Trife, you remember them days, back in the J's
When we was slow grinding, pumping onions of haze
(Around the time when Bleek dropped Coming of Age
Under 29, posted up, spending nickels and trays)
Money was flowing like rivers, the first niggas out on the first
Fiends loved us, our work gave them the shivers
(When other niggas was flossing, caught up in the glitter
We was stacking train, rides to Manhattan, time to deliver)
From the streets to the stage, the stage to something bigger
And I share it all, me and my dogs, from the same litter
(I'm the hitter, you the pitcher, and Hawk, he play the catcher)
T.M.F., to the death (and we all riding together)
Through the stormy weather prevailing, seven seas sailing
(Word wide tours) Fucking with hoes that's Venezuelan
(High price, my niggas catch ice like it was hailing
Doing big things, see the three kings, all hail them)

[Chorus x3]

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