Respectfully Lyrics

[Chorus: Trife Diesel]
T.M.F. be the squad, that's the family who rep for me
And we all get money respectfully
Don't watch me, watch them niggas that's next to me
Cause they be on some shit, and they be high offa ecstasy
We get, we get, money respectfully
We get, we get, money respectfully
Niggas who get bread, wanna talk and connect with me
Cause they know I get money respectfully

[Trife Diesel:]
Aiyo, I purposely approach pussy niggas for perpetrating
Pull up in a purple Porsche and get it purculating
Keep hurses waiting for people impersonating
First nigga get to hating, I'm sending him straight to Satan
As soon as Jakes open the cell gates, I blow 'em quick fast
And run up on 'em, like that midget from Hell Gate
These young boys fronting, gotta treat 'em like jail bait
Throw the barrel in they mouth and ask 'em how do these shells taste
One clip, two clip, three clip, four
I'm at the peephole with the scope while homicide is at it door
I stay raw like a Colombian's fingertips, the king of this
It's live nigga night out, don't even bring your bitch
High bridge Benzes, stunting and Gucci lenses
Fonsworth Bentley, I'm on some G's to gents shit
Relentless, paragraphs crush your defenses
Niggas get slapped twiced and brought back to they senses


[Trife Diesel:]
Uh, my attitude is spiteful that's why I choose to use my rifle
I'm righteous with the tool and I move like a true disciple
Nigga, my goons'll fight you, beat you down to a pulp
Strip ya faggot ass naked, leave you dead in a vault
Out to show you how to live through a drought, deadliest scouts
Get a smitty glimpse in a cannon, take a trip to the south
When I was out in Toledo with three tenths of a kilo
Raw pedrico in the park getting sold by the gazibo
Purified uncut coke 'stretching' it like Bobbito
I'm some Mexican shit, wrapped in packs like a burrito
Get 'stitched' without Lilo, cause this is how it be, yo
Them Stapleton niggas cut the bank when we rolling c-lo
Getting money til the day I'm deceased, playing for keeps
You wack rappers get evicted, I'm terminating your lease
Capisce, it's Trife Dies', I'm number one in the streets
Respectfully respect my G or get laid where you sleep


[Ghostface Killah:]
When I was young my moms named me Brink
Cause she knew I stay truck, shitting out grams of money that stink
Brewster's Millions, my crew's brilliant, boothing eightballs
Flipping peas like I was Pharrell on skateboards
I would of smashed danger, but I don't date whores
Get money respectfully, breaking the state laws
Steal boxes of AR's and Rambo techs
Last seen fleeing the bank in the Lambo stretch
And my grandmother closet is fly, Carol Burnett scarfs
The Bob Barker ringtone is live
I'm not a lucky don, the stones in my wrist is Lucky Charms
I c-lo twice, don't mean I got a lucky arm
Steinbrenner of rap, everybody's getting laid off
I'm in the Phillipines, like Bernie I 'Madoff'
With half of my continents millions
'Catch Me If You Can' on some DiCaprio shit, laid up with two Brazilians


[Hook: Trife Diesel]
Niggas ain't getting money, I don't wanna hear the words
Coming out of your mouth piece, east side, west side
North side, south side, when we ride
Catch us stunting on South Beach
Niggas ain't getting money, I don't wanna hear the words
Coming out of your mouth piece, north side, south side
East side, west side, we counting money
While ya'll niggas just count sheep

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