Project Leaders Lyrics

[Intro: Trife Diesel]
For all my goons man, Trife Diesel
AKA the Project Pope, You know why...

[Trife Diesel:]
Niggas around my way call me the Project Pope
Cause I always rep my hood and gave the projects hope
I used to stand on the block sling'n project soap
Laugh'n on the bitches snap'n, Telling project jokes
The Ds rush, Niggas scatter like a project roach
Whoever got caught got thrown in a project yoke
At fifteen me and my team took a project oath
T.M.F., Who rep Stapleton projects the most
This one's for all my bloods and my project locs
Mixing in the kitchen, Playing the Pyrex close
Fuck a yacht, Staten Ferry was the project boat
Up town back and forth cop'n that project coke
I met Ghost in a park blowing on project smoke
He told me Trife live your life, Don't leave these projects broke
Will I ever leave these projects, Nope
I put it on the line so now the fans is listening to project soaps
Thanksgiving no turkey, No project roast
Winter time when it was cold we shared our project coats
Four finger ring blinging with my project rope
Play with my bread and get burnt like some project toast

[Chorus: Trife Diesel]
We some democratic project leaders
Fame magazine Don, Diva, Profile readers
Who keep dope in a vice like Condoleezza
All you non-believers blowing trial
In these gold dash streets, Here's your subpoena
We some democratic project leaders
Ex-Divas, Tech squeezers
Staying above water like jet-skiers
School dropout, Felons who copped out, Under achievers
No matter the outcome we prepare for our next leader

Trife pass the mic right to Freezer, The track eater
Big rock fiend pleaser, Way before Roc-A-Fella
Bag'n have a brick in the basement, Crack slinger
Blaze'n every track replacing your favorite rap singer
So to bang at forty Smith you know I got the Nina
That's right my man lost his life around the corner from the steamer
On German Town Ave., So we wear the vest-es when we come around
Never put the burners down either
Far from a project leader, Feeling different
Bunch of little blocks where niggas sell rocks and smoke reefer
It's so evil, You can war with a nigga two blocks down
Tote glock four pounds, But you know you gone see em
Squeeze on em and leave em, Watch the cops come round
Motherfuckers pointing fingers, Jakes serving subpoenas
He hit your man who hit him, Now you even
But now the law is hunting you, Where do you go to now, Uhh


My Momma from the projects like Project Pat
So yeah nigga I know where the projects at
The Beacons, The Bradfords, Yeah we live by that
The Essexs, The Hancock Stadium and all of that
Them the projects in the six mile radius in my hood
Jam packed with illegal aliens, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans
Black and white, Like Pac said they all smoke'n crack tonight
And this is where I live so this is what I love
A project roach on my project rug
A project hoe from a project club
Smoke'n project dope from a project thug
My man Trife hit my on the celly and he said
I got this project if you wanna get it in
The beats on knock and the concept is
How you rep your hood and I rep Stapleton, I'm in


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