Powerful Minds Lyrics

[Royce Da 5'9":]
Yeah, let me take you on a ride with me late in the night
And give you my thoughts, another day in the life
And they all scattered out, so niggaz just bear with me
Last night I had two bitches in bed with me
I'm thinkin 'bout how no other nigga compare with me
Cause I got a whole 'nother two bitches in here with me
One of 'em got her head in my lap, dick in her throat
The other one got a plate in the back sniffin some coke
Think about it, niggaz don't realize we dyin every minute we breathin
Like livin's a disease they give you when you conceived
I don't know if I'm pourin out my heart or my mind
I just know that these words ain't a part of my grind
I'm thinkin 'bout New Orleans, the recent events
That got all my people sleepin in tents
Lil' street niggaz leasin a Bent'
Tryin to keep up with me, priests, freaks, preachers is pimps
Petty larson, crooks
Bush gettin less votes than Kelly Clarkson, ugh!
The sign said it, we might as well let time set it
Try to define prejudice is easy as tryin to find a online predator
Eyes red as I drive feelin like I'm negative
And positive while I'm at the Devil and God's wedding
It's pornographic - with my good dick in a bad puss
Contractin what they put in my casket

[Chorus: Trife Diesel]
Uhh, we on a race against time, follow the shine
Trife Da God, Royce Da 5'9", we powerful minds
All these major record companies is robbin us blind
Stack your cake, get your ammo up and polish your nines, nigga
And let it off if you have to
Cause we quick to set it off for the Cash Rules
From the blocks of D-Town back to the Apple
It's natural, play with our CREAM, these boys'll clap you

[Trife Diesel:]
Yo, aiyyo, I think I know why these haters is real sour
Cause I came up, now my bread stack high as the Sears Tower
In the studio I put in severe hours
Blossom like a rare flower - cause I stuck to my roots
Late nights noddin off while I'm up in the booth
Losin my voice, sparrin with the beat, tryin to regroup
I take a shot of the Goose, now I'm back in my boots
Attack the mic and throw the track in a noose
I gotta shine, in my +Prime+ like Optimus
Brothers feedin me a crock of shit, but your boy won't stop a lick
I'm tryin not to flip
While they doin what they doin over there, over here, I does the opposite
No type of radio play, no sponsorship
But I'm a G so I'm a handle the consequence
Incompetent niggaz, killin my vibe
Not quite, cause the same hunger's still in my eyes
Early to rise like a rooster callin
Been successful every minute of my life so I ain't used to fallin
I mighta fell once or twice, that's the roll of the dice
Hittin hard like Karate Kid breakin boulders of ice
Slang niggaz, we take 'em out, pass them over to Christ
Got soldiers from Saratoga that'll show you the life
I raise hell, Trife been dartin since age 12
And some people say I sound like the great Big L
Metaphor's hella raw, get bread like Stella does
Tell 'em all that the God crack skulls like Skeletor
And I'm back better than before, veterans of war
Here to, settle the score, peep my eloquent decor


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