Mother Like You Lyrics

[Chorus: Mike Payne]
I can never find, another mother like you

[Trife Diesel:]
Momma forgive me for my wrong doings, all the pain and confusion
I'm hand to hands in them late night shootings
Momma forgive me for them times I had you going to court
Running the same excuses, saying that it wasn't my fault
Even though, you knew your son was to blame, it's like I suddenly changed
Hugging them corners, daily pumping that 'caine
Under the building, blowing blunts in the rain
Following the footsteps of my big brother James, back at the range
Acting unrudely, watching dirty movies, bringing home toolies
Falling out, pissy drunk on the couch, you come to move me
Get up staggering, comatose, drooling on my overcoat
Eyes cold shut, you swore I overdosed
But on a sober note, listen mommy, I know the ropes
Your son can go broke, and still survive on granola oats
You taught me how to row the boat, battling wind
In your womb, I learnt how to paddle and swim
Now I'm known for writing rhymes, cause I value the pen
Stop blowing haze, but I'm engaged to them barrels that spin
I woke up, feeling joyced, my team, we ball like the oils
And we gon' shine til the gate God decides to destroy you

[Chorus x2: Mike Payne]
I can never find, another mother like you
Ooh, you are my mother, my sister, my brother, my friend

[Trife Diesel:]
We started out as friends, from friends, we grew to lovers
When we was down and out, no doubt, we had each other
Curtis I, back then, we was nervous and shy
Two little love birds, flapping our wings, all through the sky
You the apple of my eye, my candy, harder than Brandy
At age 20, we had our first son, and started a family
I remember nights when you was at home, alone bugging
Making bottles and changing diapers, while I was out hustling
It's a full time job, trynna manage a kid
And I respect you as my queen cause you handle your biz
Took care of the crib, when I was on the road doing shows
I wasn't there, but financially, daddy, carried the load
You like the rose and I'm the thorns to your stem
To protect you, and my seed, and believe me I'm a ride til the end
One thing, your heart lies a gem, that'll shine bright
Our little boy, plus me and you together, we define life
But in hindsight, maybe when the time's right
Things will occur, beyond the glitter and the limelight
Sincerely yours, you the greatest reward
And you deserve the number one mom of the year award

[Chorus: til fade]

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