Heads or Tails Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Trife Diesel]
It's two sides to every coin, either head or it's tails
So when you gamble with your life, you either dead or in jail
Get bagged for a sale, or your coffin get nailed
Call it in the air, pick and choose, head or it's tail

[Trife Diesel:]
It's time to blow like a cannon, eating grits with salmon
Clear the runway, cause this plane here's ready for landing
I'm what the streets been demanding, the Trife solo, a nice dolo
With hype photos, stetched hats and striped bolos
The rap Miguel Koto, I'm undefeated
No one believe it, this is the rebirth, call me the son of Jesus
No stand guard and sound the trumpets, this year I gotta
Tighten my circle, delete snakes from my circumference
I held back punches, even silenced my tongue
But niggas wanna see me flip and bring the violence with guns
For twenty something odd years I've been a child of these slums
And I bet these cowards'll run when these vowels get spun
So either way, I'm a end up the loser, cause niggas gon' snitch
To the cops, and ID me as the shooter
That's why I'd rather be in Bermuda, lighting some buddah
Taking trips, getting dipped, spending my chips at the jeweler

[Chorus x2]

[Trife Diesel:]
Uh, most of my goons got bullet wounds, knife scars and stitches
From wilding in the streets, busting they heats for bitches

And when I say bitches I ain't talking bout bitches
I'm talking bout crab niggas who folded and turned snitches
I've bared witness when spots got raided from cops blitzing
Feds came through, property seizing, thieving they sixes
Putting bank accounts on hold, retrieving they riches
Back in my era, snitches would of been sleeping in ditches
I can't call it, cause nowadays the game is toilet
Filled with comedians, alot of Ben Stillers in order
A bunch of snakes with they fangs out, looking just like a walrus
Catch apointing niggas out in the back seat of the Taurus
Now you labeled as a rat, and niggas wanna take you off the map
Better pray you got them angels on your back
When them tables turned and guns get drawn, your lungs get torned
And loved ones mourn over they sons that's gone

[Chorus x2]

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