Better Late Than Never Lyrics

[Trife Diesel:]
Let me take through this journey of light, through these bars I write
And introduce you to a poet named Trife
I learned how to ride a bike the first time, without the training wheels
Spaghetti-O's with cut up franks, that was my favorite meal
Peanut butter and jelly, that's when them days was real
My moms kept the house clean, my pops paid the bills
Me and my brothers and sisters, playing Twister
We used to sneak the Polaroid camera and take pictures
T-shirts with the Kool-Aid stains, remember V-necks?
I was 12 when I took my first train ride to the BX
Before Fat Joe and Big Pun created TS
Drug dealers rolled in Acura Legends, now it's a GS
BS, I'm too blessed to be stressed, I'd rather be in Key West
Relaxing my mind, far from this BS
On the road of success, moving on, with no regrets
Looking forward, peep the words of this chorus and bop your neck

[Chorus: Trife Diesel]
Niggas can't stop my flow, I'm sure to blow
Cause I'm a shine like the sun, just right after it snow
Here's to all my fans sitting right there in the front row
I'm a sign autographs backstage after the show
To everybody out in the world that's getting dough
Better Late Than Never's finally here, enjoy the flow
I know it's been a while, since two thou', now I'm a blow
So all my ladies scream "Ouhw" fellas yell "ho"

[Trife Diesel:]

Chi-Town, House of Blues showcase
Featuring the legendary God Rakim, Theodore and Ghostface
The crowd was jampacked, all the ladies is anxious
Waiting for the main event, to see these New York gangstas
Pandemonium, filling the air, bitches yelling from the tier
This could be the highlight, of my career
I waited years, now the chance is here, to seize the moment
On stage in the presence of legends, this is a bonus
The spotlight is mine, and believe me I'm gonna own it
Got a million dollar voice and my flow is the batomic
Master of all ceremonies, shine when the weather storm me
Niggas putting garbage out, the radio, hella corny
That's why the world gon' feel my wrath
When I pick up these microphones and reveal my craft
The say the first shall be last, and the last shall be first
I'm a continue, tear the roof off the venue and put in work


[Hook x2: Trife Diesel]
When the beat keep rocking, the East gon' keep rocking
When the beat keep rocking, Trife Dies' a keep popping
When the beat keep rocking, N.Y. is still popping
When the beat keep rocking, the ever keep popping

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