The Deepest Ocean There Is Lyrics

I've been terrified since you walked out the door
And these were not the lies I'd told you once before
And it is not the end, it's still an outside bet
I'm not taking off my wedding ring just yet

And it's years since I took stock of it
Seems that it's not come to much
This is everything I ever owed
Collapsed into the car
And the stitches are unraveling
And the seams have all but burst
Maybe all my years of travelling
Has quenched a worn our thirst

I've been terrified for far too fucking long
What's that thing I lack that makes you so damn strong
Your letter in my hands in rolled into a ball
With drunken comedy is thrown hard at the wall

These years have flown by
And these hands are shaking
And I have no notion
Of what happens next
And there's a kind of freedom
When I think of it
But then the panic quickens
And there is no solace

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