Held in the Arms of Your Words Lyrics

This light at the end of the day
When even the highways seem still
The map in my hands folded shut

There isn't one magical word
But a carnival of them instead
Like an old silent cinema screen

And in this light you are framed classically
Just a painting that hangs in my head
That I know like the back of my hand

With the sunset the neon awakes
And the cold colours dance on your skin
And finally the modern makes sense...to me

You're effortless, you know you are
And all I want to do
Is let you lead me off into the dusk

Our shadows kiss before we do
And right there in the dark
I revel in the calm before the storm

The garden is haunted by us
And every mistake that we've made
Is at peace 'cause it leads us both here

The thought that just burns into me
Of you in the ink of the night
Is the breathtaking danger of you

This is life, this is all I want from life,
It's the fervour and the tenderness combined
In the dark, in the ever-falling dark,
We are anchorless adrift, but barely notice

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