Baby Tonight Lyrics

I saw you sat in a corner
Of an italian café
Your flaming eyes (and) the cozy smile
Took me all took me all

So in the middle of nowhere
You jumped out of the blue
I knew that I'll be your lover
Take me home take me home

Don't be shy don't be shy
There is no reason to ask me why
Come on boy make me fly
Just like a little light
We'll be forever

On and on and on
We'll gonna make it better
On and on and on
We'll spend the night together
On and on and on Baby tonight
Until the game is
On and on and on
You gotta be my lover
On and on and on
I gotta be your pleasure
On and on and on
Baby tonight... baby tonight

I wanna be like a fire
I'll burn you baby some more
Cos' you're my little desire, don't
Leave me alone leave me alone

So gimme one more emotion
So gimme one more encore
Forget the rest I'm on fire oh
gimme more... gimme more

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