No One's Listening Lyrics

I, for one, will be the first to admit I don't know
The measurement of good and bad, I just know what I know
So with that thought, it seems to me that maybe it's just wrong
To say for sure a heart's impure from hearing just one song

It's all subjective, but I don't object it
Can't you see that no one cares
Cause no one's listening now

Here we live a world that's full of choices you can make
Intolerance is frowned upon and it's no fun to hate
So if we use that logic towards the way we hear a song
Free your mind and then you'll find a way to sing along

Maybe if this song gets played, it'll open up some minds
To all the ways that music's played, they'll read between the lines
And hopefully, they'll finally see that everything is fine
Rock n roll's got nowhere to go and all we have is time

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