everithing went numb Lyrics

And the story goes like this: everything went numb for the money and the guns
And everytime he
Get in the van, don
If everything goes smooth then you
So it begins, everybody walks in
Could this be the day or the way that the underdog wins?
I think not, so i bet on the feds because the black hat men never win in the end

Ski mask
sawed off
guilty conscience, fear of death [check check check]
eeverything went numb when he stumbled upon what he thought was going to be another means to the end
the silence
the sirens
it all went down like his nightmare the night before
i don
i don
i do what i got to do just to keep my nose clean

The story doesn
my friend lets take it back to how it all began: with a proposition
and proposition starts with a capital p /

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