Unholy place Lyrics

The nightmare came back
Again Jenny heard the voices
Unable to open the door
She was running round the room and crying
Can't wait no more
Must escape
Felling the hands on her body
She was crying out of dismay
She was locked in a dark room ... they are back

The old house was still alive
The house was still alive
The moon is wondering in the sky ... the moon like the evil eye
I believe in magic of the stars

Let us be free from the demon's maze
We are all hidden in the walls
The demon is coming
There is only one way
This house must burn ... yes, let it be done

Jenny ... free us ... Jenny ... free us
I'm from another time

It will be to late the following night
We will never see the heavenly gates
Oh ... the unholy place
Oh ... the unholy place will possessed

The burning fire turns night into day
I can see somebody running ... it's our priest
Oh ... the unholy place
Oh ... the hidden in the walls

There are more places like that

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