Spirits Lyrics

It’s only in the spirit,
The hideout where you feel it
Crypted in the heart
Darkening the brightest part
Lighting up what has been gone
And reveals what’s not been done
So you try to burn your pain
A pain which drives your brain insane

Nothing good moves in your mind
Because your mind is cold and blind
She´s seeking for an old desire
And she starts to burn like fire
It wakes up what´s deep inside
Agony and joy collide
Now you cry and i know why
Your time to die was just a lie


I have to die and don´t know why
It cry´s so bad in my head
I want to sleep in peace and deep
I have to die that´s why i weep


No difference in theire words
You don´t heare thats why it hurts
Everything they try to give
What they got was misbelieve
Please wake up from your old grief
Feel the joy and start to live
Throw the burning pain away
Just wake up and feel the day

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