Dangerous (feat. Kid Cudi) Lyrics

I'm feeling dangerous, I'm feeling nauseous
Rolling me crazy, some marijuana
Smoking and faded, I got enormousDrinkin' and swangin', I'm feelin' dangerous

Greet me by my hand 'till you teach me to float
Head is in the cloud but my stomach below
Somethin' about this feeling, I felt it before
Took this pill and it swallowed me whole
Pinch me on my arm, is it heaven or fun?
If I don't come back, had a hell of a run
Texting through my notes, smell a deaf full of tongue
Can't get high enough to get over the hump (Uh)
How many friends around me helping me lose?
How many excuses until I'm excused?
Shadow my morning, I ain't dreaming it right
Ain't no way the flowers bloom in the night
Family tried to warn me, couldn't keep me awake
Till I think of flying, I better escape
But flying ain't flying when you're stuck on your ass
Pleasure took my driver and caused me to crash
Uh, took me forever, we was stuck in the mud
Streaking 'cross the road to get out of the hood
Was drawing this darker feeling, feeling my face
Somebody go hand my drug dealer a case (Case)
Based on the Perc and back to fade in the sub (Sub)
Sold my heart and soul, that's a hell of a drug (Drug)
Take this hear, introduce you to love (Uh)
Take this hear, introduce you to love

I'm feeling dangerous (Hmmm), I'm feeling nauseous
Rolling me crazy (Hmmm), some marijuana
I'm feeling dangerous
Crash Talk take three

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