Writers Block Lyrics

I don’t know which one is harder
Tryna not to take your bitch or tryna get rid of my own

I got Gucci’s on my feet
Diamonds on my neck
Diamonds on my wrist
Bitches on my dick
But y’all already said that

Choppers in the trunk
Models in the front
Bottles in the club
But I don’t give a fuck
But y’all already said that

Cause sometimes I feel like it’s so hard
For me to come up with shitty to say (Ayyyyyy)
I’m at a loss for words ’cause y’all already said it all
I think I’m runnin’ out of cliches
I’m gettin’ writer’s block

Man, get the bozac
We need to start bringin’ that shit back (Mad flava)
Man, f-ck it, I’m ’bout to catch some wreck (We in effect, money!)
Mad props to Royce for keepin’ it real
On the strength, no diggity
I’m ’bout to go pull some hoes, get my mack on

Haters get the gasface!

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