sad Lyrics

i'm so lonely,
i'm so bad,
i'm just relaxing in my room,
i'm just sleeping
and i'm keeping your mind,

my men you're crazy of love,
and your body is mine,
your eyes are so wonderful and
your kisses are gently,
i love your present,
and your time we'll show us,
how we can live,


i'm soooo bad,
i'm soooo sad,
i pull you in my world,
i destroy this stupid would ferment,
and you're are now just for me!
i'm soooo bad and just sad,
take your eye of me,
you little bitch this men is for me,

kiss me,
sexy men, kiss me,
leak me allover my body,
kiss me sexy men, kiss me,
i'm your onenightstand,
just let me groan!

chorus 2x

just let me groan!

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