Big Lyrics

Hmm, uh-huh
Man, this life shit gettin' crazy, crazy
I done, I done made it
I done made it, made it, yeah
I'm sick and tired of these hatin'
Ass niggas, though
Let my dick breathe for a couple
Seconds, man, shit
Fuck nigga
Uh, yeah
I'm on a Percocet, yeah, I just had to relapse
Even at my worst, I'm feeling like I am the best
I done Metta Word Peace to
Myself like I'm Ron Artest
I never been a referee but I still got a Tec, Kel-Tec
Shoot you in your stomach
Make this shit hard to digest
Rockstar, listening Jimi Hendrix in the projects, yeah
I'ma turn a nigga block to an art project
Picasso, I paint that, where the fuck is the bank at?
Army sergeant, no rank, yeah, okay
If you ain't payin' a hundred thousand
Get them features out my face
50K to install a codeine fountain in my new estate
I got that pump, it's ironic how that
Pump made him pump his breaks
I ain't Lil Pump but I got double
Glocks on me like Gucci Gang
We ball like Wilt Chamberlain
Like the name of them old Gucci tapes
Yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout Gucci Mane
That lil' bitch like,

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