Orga<Mecha Lyrics

Subatomic, molecular materials manipulated
Nanomachines weaponised
Destabilizing agents abused

Mutations induced
Mechanosynthetic fabrication
Unregulated systems employed
Autonomous AI initiated
Programs run amok
Uncontrolled, rapidly they spread
Self-replicating they multiply [x2]

Everything carbon-based, they devour
Exponential critical mass reached
Outweigh earth within days, they will

Exponential critical mass reached [x2]

Sentience acquired
Computing power raised [x2]

Homo sapiens targeted

Amino acids attacked
Immune systems neutralized [x2]

Pushed to the brink of extinction, slowly we rot
Retaliation in futility
Pushed to the brink of extinction, we slowly rot
Retaliation in futility

Leaving our mere shadows in their wake
All of life obliterated
The end of days

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