Trial Of Trust (The Giant Leap) Lyrics

The giant leap was made now
It was a misunderstanding from the beginning
It's clear, I missed to trust you
Losing my goal, the feel to evolve the race

It was my fault
Forgive me
I was overbaring

It was my fault
Recall me back
The mankind is about to win
But I failed

You aren't able to betray us
All the promises made are true
And the progress in peacetime is achievable
We are now light year ahead

Oh my god we did it
Oh my god I was wrong
I've no fucking way to walk now
It was my fault

This is the colony of salvation
A Journey through generations
For years I wanted to kill you
But the purpose stopped me

The human being is now called
To an hard trial of trust
And I'm here on the field
To get the last word

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