The Factory Lyrics

How long is left?
But a blast knocks down the walls
I didn't expect that

The scene is creepy to us
Drones are everywhere
To try to make our defeat
Prime is gone away
Leaving me alone
Leaving me alone

We have to behave
We can't wait anymore

Trucks runs fast on the way
Well armed and ready to hit them
In order to take on hand the defense
I have to kill my fear to drive my men
To drive all of them to the final act

Prime is flowing throught my mind
In the middle of the cruel battle
Saying thai i had to withdraw
[with a plan i didn't known]
Why i cannot understand the decision
But i want to trust him he's one of us

In the meantime of the thoughts
Bombs were dropped from the sky
And i know that was a Prime fine work
it was hard to believe the facts happening
Drones were falling down the fire
Despite the surprise they were losing the game
CyberVAC in you're face we behaved
CyberVAC in you're face we behaved

Prime is flowing throught my mind
In the middle of this cruel battle
He shwoed me his powerful mind
Finding out the way to the victory
Hybrid Circle is the key
And this bloody slaughter is what we are able to
What we are able to

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