My Twins Lyrics

I spend my life
Traveling across the universes
Alone I follow my dream (to be the one)
To be the only one in the multiverse

I could be able tro drop a world
To reach my twins
Unuseful replications (of me)
Unuseful replications (of me)

There isn't one me
There are many
Each of us exists in present time
In parallel universes
There was balance in the system
But now I'm the force seeking to destroy the texture
So I'll become the one

The one it's me, the one it's me
They cannot gain my force
I'm hard to beat

No one can be like me
And the more I kill
The more I get stronger
Thirsty and vain of myself (of myself)

Until I'll meet the last twin
The skills will be equivalent
Our thoughts the same in two
And in the end will win the one

I could be able to drop a world
To reach my twins
To be the one
I am the one

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