Eternity Lyrics

An instant can be enough
To change a timeline
The future of each of us
Is renewed by the minute

Parallel universes meet
Without ever colliding
A great show where the only viewer is the eternity

Touch them!

I feel that galaxies are so far away
But I'm able to touch with a single step
Am I just crazy?
Or the eternity for real?

I am the eternity between the worlds
And I can drop you down
With a single step
Am I just crazy?
Or am I the eternity?
The ternity for real

Sidereal distances seperates many lives
That have the same probability to die
Or get alive in the black hole of the null

The infinity is known to few
Time and space may melt together
An instant can be enough to change a timeline

And the end of everything is only
An illusion because
I'm the only one able to see
The deep eternity

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