Digi-Christ Lyrics

New Christ born on computing clusters
Where posts are the parables
Blogs are the bibles
And who interacts is the follower

Religions are now obsolete
Because the oracles were hidden
From the techno-social progress
Creating a gap with the faithful

The soul runs on code
Binary prayers falls into wires
So let me steal a desire
To put it in my database
A Digi-Jesus is among us
To talk about the new cybernetic faith
But don't worry if you can't hear it now
Tomorrow you'll download its speech

Hyper-textual content links to emotions of you
And without your permission
Everyone on the face of the world can discover
The deepest part of your mind

The lethal synchronization
To the second life that day by day
Takes the part of the main one
Don't forget to escape away

You can't hide yourself once logged in
And even though you're aware of this
Your fucking life means nothing without it
And this addiction is running over you

The sermon is online
Your prophet is looking for you
The prayer was up-to-date
Customized for your shitty life

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