Cysquare Zero Lyrics

I see the people beside me
I don't know what they will be
I feel so next to the biggest goal
So proud of the walk we've just done

[I see the people beside me]
[I feel so next to the biggest goal]

Drones are everywhere no more time to
The instinct is now the last way to walk
Between enemies and artilley fire
The final target is destroy the monster


A handful of sand in my mouth
A rocket opens the ground in front of me
The monster begins to give its best
It doesn't accept the great defeat
But resorts to its worst hopeless act
Reacts with a bad bloody rocket rain
Fire by fire i turn off its voice
Fire by fire i get ready to the final act

I saw my people so afraid
But now i see them a real war
I put my fist toward the air
Let's start the big slaughter of the drones

At the gates of the monster's building
We try to chatch it with a clever deception
My drone steals an enemy soul
It will become my access guarantee

The system is locked by a key
Only Isaac knows the right way
I got three attempts to set us free
I can't go wrong i need to look in my mind

Two attempts are gone so bad away
And i feel the void in my mind
I know no one is able to help me
My people are dying waiting for me
But i feel the answer is definitely in me
Hybrid Circle is the key
How did i not think about it?
Login accepted! Drop the system!

I saw my people so afreaid but now i don't see them in a cage
I put my fist toward the air
Let's do a new begin let's do a new life

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