This Bed Lyrics

Bit by bit,
and piece by piece
it's adding up.
The one I love
loves me the least.

A growing need for apologies,
but when I'm wrong
I'm weak in the knees.
It's better now
you don't come back to me,
let it be known
I'm a liar and a thief.
What I stole is
in what I've said.
It's a shame our books been closed
because it's words have been bled.
Inch by inch,
a foot to feet,
a growing gap,
and the miles between.
A single lie becomes a beast.

It's adding up,
the one I love
loves me the least.

Breathing deep,
lying awake
too alone to sleep.
It's in my mind
and in my head.
There's a certain type of cold
that lives in this bed.

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