Tiger Lyrics

Note: Forgive me for any mistakes as I can’t understand some of the words because of that dreamy drawl I am floating on. Still, from what I hear, the lyrics are very meaningful, adding another layer to an already layered song.

I’m surrounded by I-love-you’s but I don’t believe them
It’s an action from the words I hear
Not a reaction from attraction, dear
We pick our clothes out oh so carefully
And rarely take our time with words
We spout off whatever feels and works
Our good intentions don’t mean shit, tiger

Hold your tongue, my boy
Hold your tongue, dear girl
Take a minute
Don’t you speak
Let your thoughts
Settle into inside
Settle into yourself
Settle into yourself

I’ve been driving down the aisleview/alleyview*
For as long as i can remember
Always working for the man I am
Always dreaming of another land
I’m sold to listen, quick to make a move
Always on the guard against
I rarely take the time to make some sense
Of the truth I’m told these youthful bliss and cigarettes
I’m on top of the world
And now I’m falling

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