The Harsh Reality of Self Reflection Lyrics

A new beginning for us all
Would be so fucking ideal
Watching your happiness, crumble and fall
When all that's left is something real, you're going to hit the wall

The strength to push yourself is all you'd ever need
Face the struggle to progress, evolve, sacrifice and bleed
A new beginning is what this world needs...

You try so hard to blame the world
To look inside yourself is the real challenge

The brutal truth in all of this
Is that our problems stem from within
It takes root in our children and our next of kin
Hatred spreads like disease and will bring this to an end

The complete destruction of everything you believe
The painful process of unlearning must begin
The loss of structure leaves you feeling so deceived
Your new reality sets in and spreads its wings

The concept of revolution is misunderstood
To look inside yourself is to accept the truth

You've chosen to waste this, this gift you've been given
Your life holds no, no real meaning
Why, why would you let your life crumble right before your very eyes
Learn to let it go...

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