Something That Will Fall Lyrics

A city built on hopes and dreams of betters days
We watch it crumble and decay
We watch a family fall apart, crumble through its roots
Leaving nothing more than broken memories.... broken memories

We build these towns to watch them fall
Testament to the future of mankind
Marvels of modern technology
Left to rot with no eulogy

The country turns its head and a blind eye to the pollution, corruption and poverty raping it from within
This will all fall
Watching a city once proud crumble into despair, believe me when I say nobody fucking cares
This will all fall

They just wanted their slice of the American dream
You left them with nothing but windows boarded
You cam made your money and then you walked away
Leaving them to live off welfare checks
This will fall...

(Solo Pepe)
(Solo Chris)

With a president that cares more about gay marriage and abortion than the druge epidemic, believe me when I say
This will all fall
There's only so much one nation can ignore, believe me when I say, nobody cares
This will all fall

Nobody cares but the people who live there
They just wanted their slice of the American dream

We will watch and beg for the fate of this which was once so proud

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