Self Destruct Lyrics

It's all so fun at first
You gather up the nerve
You swallow all your pride
Ask me if I'm worth your time

The excitement blinds us to the truth
I was a fool to think that I could find something more
Walls around me are crumbling
Been tearing down my self esteem again

So we will betray the only thing
That makes us unique
So we choose to ignore the only
That makes us human
Soon you will realize
This was a waste of time
I was wrong my whole fucking life
About all of this

I'd rather self destruct than see this all the way through
I'd rather self destruct than wait and see what you'd do for me... for me...

It's such a waste of time
Why would I waste my love
So many sleepless nights
On you who would betray
The trust I gave to you
The trust I gave to you

Too many tears have been shed
Too many hearts broken
Over the likes of you
For the likes of you

You'll see I've grown
You'll see I've moved onwards... without you... without you..

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