Sanzen Lyrics


I cant even concentrate on this
its over thought and dissipated
the pen ink is running dry
its been thrown to paper and wasted..
creativity has been blocked and over tasted...
maybe in time ill appreciate it..

Hold on, Hold on...
We'll be with you soon..

These papers are stuck in this book .
untill they are torn out and pasted..
????(something about another side)???
where i can lay a look and see them in a new gathering..
So they can later be viewed and appreciated..

Hold on Hold on...
We'll be with you soon.. (2x)

Longing for what has been lost..
Longing for what hasnt been attainted..

Its a small cost...
Got the past lost the future...only now remains..
Leave us...Leave now..
Hold on Hold on
We'll be with you soon...

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