Overboard Lyrics

I said it go down let it go down
Baby make it roll down
I love it when it roll down
The sex too fire who do better
Because I do it better
I put you up against the wall just to impress you
Let it go down
watch it go down every time ohh
Lick it before I stick it
You know I'm goin kiss it
Leave it right there when I lick it lick it lick it baby
I love the faces you makin running out of positions
Started mixing shit up so we took it to the kitchen yeah
Girl we so creative
you ain't gotta say shit
because I know what you like
So Imma go Overboard because I rather do too much then too little
Baby go Overboard
she don't play an instrument but she on it like a fiddle
When she go Overboard
Imma hit it right hit it right cause it's sink or swim
She got that alkaline so you know I dive in
And I can't help but toooo go Overboard
Overboard, Overboard on you on you on you..
Overboard on you on you on you.. Overboard... Over...
Talking all that shit
girl I call your bluff
give it to you deep
then give it to you rough
been a couple rounds but I can't get enough

Take you to the ground baby keep that ass up
Arch your back baby
you know that loud ain't the only thing blazin
and I wont stop until you screamin its amazing
snatch your soul got your whole body shaking
Because girl we so creative
you ain't gotta say shit
cause I know what you like girl
Girl I can't wait
I can't wait to gooo Overboard
on you on you on you Overboard
on you on you on you Overboard...
when I get my hands on you baby whoa oh oh oh oh
baby Imma go overrrr
do some things to you when we gooo oh oh ohh
Overboard with you baby
I know that's what you like when I go over..

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