Thrill Me Lyrics

Cheating death burning down the hill
Add a twist stepping on the steel
Fell the noize leaving my brain
I'm in the eye of a hurricane

Cheating death in a red machine
I leave a fat trace of gasoline
My motorbitch building up the speed
Got no cops chasing after me

Thrill me
Don't kill me
Got a life and it's going downhill
Thrill me
Don't kill me
Need a crash if you wanna catch me

Cheating death spinning of a curve
Had dream that I'll crash n' burn
It could be my better turn (in the)
Final test if I got the nerve

You can't get a better vibe
Than a rollercoaster ride

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22. Oktober, 20:55 Uhr
von Jenny

Hammer, geile Band und sehr sehr geiles Lied !!!! <3