Save Her Lyrics

blood and tears
flowing from her darkest fears
she cries for help and no one hears
takes a pill to make it disappear

she’s lying on the bathroom floor
the door’s locked and no one knows
cuts bleed from a life before
time heals but the scars still show

I can’t save her
cuz there’s nobody home
can’t change her
she’s too far gone and my
heart breaks
cuz I couldn’t reach her
no one can save her now

overcome with fear, screamin in her ear
the voices are so near
torn from inside, demons posses her mind
blood and tears collide

she comes undone
dead end, nowhere to run
sweet lips around a loaded gun
she pulls the trigger and bullet

save her
change her
n my heart breaks cause I couldn’t reach her
save her now
save her now
no one can save her

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