Falling Rain Lyrics

She's an angel working the backstreets
With the addicts and the deadbeats
Just another hopeless teenage tragedy

Sell it all to a perfect stranger
All the trix have begun to change her
Daddy's girl has become someone else's fantasy

Ooh, you see it in her eyes
Ooh, the way she tells her lies

Taste of falling rain
Tears of shame falling rain
Taste of falling rain
Refuse to see the end
Taste of falling rain
Leaves a stain falling rain

She's a midnight company provider
All the johns wait in line to try her
At the end of the rainbow there's no gold

Cause they're all just drunk with power
They can rent her by the hour
If's her only shelter from the cold

Taste of falling rain
Years she can't replace

She's so far away

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26. März, 12:54 Uhr
von Mela1992

!!!!Crashdiet!!!! Love it!!!! Einfach nur hammer schön und geil <3 <3 <3 <3 :love