The Creation Equivalence Principle Lyrics

After decades of peace during the golden ages for mankind, there occurred a historical phenomenon known in many religions as the Deluge. Suddenly things seem to go wrong where mankind is categorized in different races and religions seem to fade away in superstition. There are wars and catastrophes all over the Earth. Superior knowledge such as mathematics and cosmology will be buried for ages. In this phase, the world does not imply logical explanations for its existence nor its origin... from where the sequence starts...


Summarize all frames of reality belief canned in fractions of time. Self-originated life form, the blueprint of sin, the Earth is rent for factions and battles.

"God? I am the God of this world."

Reveal life itself as pity behavior. Transgress commandments, surpass all limits contrary to all the facts of their experience, our true belief is to be of never existence. The parallel concept refers to them. The power to impute limitations. Repudiate the logical sequence, genetic mute embodied in terms of slavery.

The physical, confined in time and space, all material and spiritual beings. As it is written, created by gods.

If it was possible to turn back the hands of time, would we pass the graves of our ancestors to search for the anomaly? "If the gods would give you the task to conceive a plan for a new universe, would you be able to comply?" ¹

Lift the Earth towards our senses. Withdraw the morality. Blasphemy in ancient times, within the twisted layers of society. Redefine the basic principles of the fundamentals of faith.

Our distinctness is not spontaneous, but of a preventing nature. Organic machines triggered by DNA configurations.

...without considering, man instinctively reacts from the position of his beliefs...



¹ Immanuel Velikovsky, the Four Plans of the Universe.
In the famous books "Worlds in Collision," Velikovsky proposes that many myths are based on actual events. With "The Four Plans of the Universe" he argues in letters to Einstein about the nature of gravitation and inertia.

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