Sin Tide Manufacturing Lyrics

The manufacturing has begun. Life spawned to little pieces of non-existence. The misunderstood God phenomenon will be replaced by reason and sense to reveal true enlightenment for mankind. Delving for the same truth as for ages ago, now sin is tiding out the waves of all last pieces of hope. Call it ignorance or false belief. After all... these so called gods wouldn't have had much choice in constricting this world for its pity inhabitants to understand it.


We see the world through your tiny forsaken eyes...

Unrelenting chaos is the inner sphere of the future. A subjective reference to the inconsistence of life.

Pre-production of a world state army, in order to sustain chaos.

Who will represent Earth's arrival in self-consciousness? Renewal of creation will be wrought by the same. Who made it in the beginning?

Conceived in prospective to copulate in a world that feels cold. Belief rejects the idea that the newborn is addressed to purity. Man walks awkward to insanity in its own blood and dynasty, where man receives a new breed.

The information that has come down to us is scattered and fragmented. So... why is it unreasonable to think that time and motion, are pushing its borders? When they are even growing to the height of the stars...

Remains of an uninterrupted landscape from the last days, of the cleansing of the Earth. When they are even growing to the height of the stars...

"The world belongs to us, not them."

With every step you make you sink a little bit further. Where is the light you seek? To eventually close your eyes?

Myth or religion to be greatly dismissed by ignorance or false belief?

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