Protocal Of Systematic Belief Lyrics

"The Earth was chaotic and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and God's wind moved upon the face of the fluid, where the Earth is shaped and man created after his image." ¹ Similar "acts of creation" can be found in several ancient traditions where mankind, driven by a divine entity, has always lurked beneath the heavens, without having a notion about who or what is out there. If some fundamental and profound questions should be taken literally, without wishful interpretation, then maybe some things can be traced back to one yet unrevealed single event in time...


Through the ashes of an ancient lore and saviour predictions, it seems to imply a synchronized period on a small time scale, where symbolism is configured to operate rebellion. Understand the significance of this vision! The stages of development for mankind initiated accurately, where their nature itself is not clarifying the purpose of their questionable existence.

Now have a look at the forerunner of a great cataclysm and the aftermath of nature and man's incompetence. Settled in the readings of ancient beliefs, in which a great conjunction of singularities is conceived. Condemned to be unrevealed, we anxiously look behind.

"Stars are of great influence for both good and evil upon the nativity of man. It lies in the nature of these stars and planets to predict what lays in store for mankind." ² The scorn in which a race is conceived to rule as divine but can also be rejected.

As man has the urge to evolve in the realm of higher knowledge. They have invoked frailties upon them as well.

The term god describes the [non-]physical entity, so intelligent... traveling through channels of time. The information they communicate conforms the basic principles, which is best described in the true nature of these so called gods, their ancient writings.

Do we believe in supernatural entities to complete our lack of understanding? Maybe this evolution was restricted to rules...



¹ The Bible, Genesis.
The first book of the Old Testament, which explains the beginning of our world according to Judaism.
² Diddorus Siculus, II.
Diddorus Siculus was a historian and already described the fascination for stars and planets because of the great changes brought upon mankind and the nature of their planet.

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